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Cabinet Respray Before Cabinet Respray After

Kitchen Paint Process

We start with an initial interior design/style consultation, (which is free of charge), where we will discuss how you would ideally like your kitchen to look and give you ‘best advice’ on how to achieve this, with colour, finish levels and handle options.

You will then receive a detailed quotation by email, so there is no pressure to make a decision during the consultation meeting.

Once your instruction to proceed has been given, we will agree a date and schedule with you.

The doors, drawer fronts, plinths and anything which is easily removable is taken away to our workshops where they are cleaned to remove any contamination e.g. grease etc. Then we carry out any required remedial work to all areas, this includes being filled, sanded, primed, re-sanded and spray coated with your chosen colour and sheen level with an acid catalysed (AC), primer & paint.

If required during this stage, any unrequired handle fixing holes are filled and new fixing hole position’s are drilled to receive the new style of handles you have chosen.

We will then prepare all the on- site fitted surfaces to be sprayed and they are cleaned to remove any contamination e.g. grease etc. Then we carry out any required remedial work to all areas, this includes being filled and sanded. In conjunction with this process the whole area is protectively masked so nothing gets sprayed which shouldn’t. Then the cabinetry is primed, sanded again and spray coated with your chosen colour and sheen level with acid catalysed (AC), primer & paint.

After the kitchen cabinetry has had the final topcoat sprayed, all the masking and protective coverings are removed from the kitchen area and the new re-finished kitchen doors and drawer fronts etc. are then re-fitted.

Professional, bespoke service with experienced advice on colour and design

What makes Kdec different?

Kdec offers a very personal consultative approach to achieving the best possible results for their clients.

Time after time our clients tell us that the finished result of their kitchen has far exceeded their expectations. Our clients heard from family and friends, and saw the outstanding finish that Kdec achieved when spraying their kitchen. They say it was ‘a leap of faith’ as the prospect of spraying a kitchen was a new concept to them. However, as the testimonials state the finish is outstanding.

Also, the professional and respectful way the work in their homes was carried out meant it was painless experience. We keep the disruption to your home to a minimum and for the shortest possible time. For example your kitchen is only out of action for one evening, when it has been masked during the day in readiness for spraying the following morning.

Some of our clients are so confident with Kdec, that they have gone on holiday during the work being done in their homes, to return to their kitchen transformed.



A huge range of colours & textures

Kdec only use the highest quality professional paints and coatings, supplied by the world’s leading industrial paint and coatings manufacturers.

The commercial paint colour matching services we use have a 99.99% colour reproduction accuracy, therefore whether your colour choice is from one of the following companies or one you have chosen not on the following list, we will match it;

Sheen choice can be from a 10% sheen which is matt, through difference grades, up to a 90% sheen which is gloss.

We can also colour match a sample piece by having the colour scanned with a spectrophotometer to custom make the colour to match, with a 99.99% accuracy.

The fast drying, durable paints we use are formulated to provide outstanding resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit solutions and a wide range of household chemicals. They meet the requirements of FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association), standard 6250:2005, for horizontal surfaces, and are rated as heavy/severe use.


Great value for money without compromising on the detail